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The Reason

So I’m not very good with guessing the ages of children, but I’m guessing Samantha (not her real name) is probably around ten years old. While at a fair, doing readings, she came up to me and asked in her shy, little girl way, how it all worked. Her mom, was standing off in the distance behind her, keeping a close eye on everything. I have not read for minors before, but Samantha was determined, and she had her mom’s permission. I knew that she was looking for a mediumship reading. What I didn’t know was that she was about to change my life.

I explained to her that I connect to loved ones in Spirit and asked who she would like to connect with. She looked at her mom, then looked at me, and said that she wanted to connect with her grandmother. I asked her grandmother’s name, and she said Betty (not her real name).

As I sat, asking Betty to come through with evidence that I could share with Samantha, I started to get a flurry of images. Everything I saw, I described, and reminded Samantha and her mom that what Betty was showing me were some of her favorite memories of Samantha, and ways that they both would know that I was truly connecting with her loving grandmother on the other side.

Before the reading ended, I asked Betty what I ask all Spirits – show me something that lets your loved one know that you are still with them. I watched Samantha’s big blue eyes start to tear up, and she was quiet. I was seeing a set of keys. I shared this with them. Samantha exchanged a look with her mom. Her grandmother’s keys were at her home, where she’d always kept them. I look at Samantha and she says “I was thinking about her keys”. Right when I asked Betty to show me a way to let Samantha know that she is still with her, loving her, and supporting her, Betty showed me what her granddaughter was thinking about in that exact moment!

I’d be lying if I said this didn’t bring tears to my eyes. I’ve cried when I was getting readings before – full on snot cry, like almost hyperventilating, while also smiling, laughing, and feeling the love of my mom, cry. I hadn’t before cried when giving a reading for someone else. It was stunningly beautiful, and I feel so blessed to have been a part of that moment. I've read and re-read this, but there is no way that I can put into words how magnificently amazing it was to be a part of. It was an honor to make this connection and bring some peace to a young lady that is grieving for someone very near and dear to her heart. Thank you, Samantha, you are the reason I do this.

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